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The Corridor Soccer Association (CSA) can proudly call itself the largest adult soccer league in Eastern Iowa, and this status is well deserved! As a nonprofit association, we are established as a pillar of the community that promotes adult soccer across the region. What’s more, we take our responsibilities seriously, as we are affiliated with the Iowa Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association.

One of our primary goals is to make this wonderful sport accessible to as many people as possible, and we have achieved this by offering affordable entry costs and annual player memberships. CSA offers a diverse range of soccer divisions for outdoor and indoor play, allowing players of varying skill levels to participate in both recreational and competitive soccer. Furthermore, all our players and teams receive liability coverage and accidental health coverage, ensuring your peace of mind on and off the field.

At present, Corridor Soccer boasts an impressive selection of:

3 Outdoor Divisions:

  • 9v9 Play
    • 3 Divisions, A – Competitive, B – Rec and C – Casual

3 Indoor Divisions:

  • 7v7 Play
    • 3 Divisions, A – Competitive, B – Rec and C – Casual

 Our outdoor grass and turf seasons:

  • Spring/Summer: April to July for Spring and
  • Fall: August to November

Winter Indoor League: December to March.

With CSA, you will always find a place to play soccer, regardless of the time of year!

By joining and supporting CSA, you not only become a member of a top-class league, but you become a partner and family member committed to fostering growth and development in the game we all love. Our philosophy is to promote the sport of soccer while building a sense of community among our members.